David Robinson
March 2023
Tom and the lady at reception whos name i forget sorry was super helpful when i walked into the dealership i was greeted with a good morning and offered tea or coffee. Tom explained the benefits off the self charging hybrid and give me a long test drive which was a mix combined drive between motorway and town driving which give me idea the range off the Tucson for fuel efficiency I decided to buy the car After my test drive. My car arrived a couple off days ago and i love the hyundai Tucson so far it's smooth and drives great. Too early to tell how fuel efficient it is with the hybrid as it will take time as the car it only new and will improve though time. At the moment it getting 49.9 to the gallion which for a big suv is great. I was told by tom this will improve after 2000 as the engine breaks in. Also when i collected the car tom give me some goodies for the car a boot protection cover and a tank off fuel. Tom spent about 45 to a hour explaining all the cars features Which was very helpful. I feel that i am in good hands with john mulholland motors regarding my purchase and would recommend from my experience in purchasing my car. Tom is honest and tells you which car is best for your needs